Chili Dogs

 I have been a fan of chili dogs since I was a teenager. Our local A&W served great ones and when we moved to Iowa the A&W here  had some great ones also. Alas, it is no longer there so now if we want them I have to make them.
 Really it is simple as I grill or cook the hot dogs, put in buns and top with your favorite chili, canned, homemade, or Sue’s hamburger mix drained and spiced with chili spice works well. We prefer ours with out beans but make it how your family likes it. Lyle likes shredded cheese on top and Bettie adds cheese and chopped onions. Since I can no longer have the buns, I eat mine on a plate with the chili and all the toppings on it.

 If you keep some leftover chili on hand this is easy for kids and teenagers to fix for a snack.

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