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In the 1990’s, Cuisinart, faced with competition from Kitchenaid, developed and marketed a food processor intended for countertop use in the home instead of for commercial and catering operations.
They really started promoting them in 1991, with coupons and newsletters.  After using Robot Coupe processors in commercial kitchens, I knew what they could do, and convinced my husband I had to have one.  
I subscribed to their excellent newsletters for 2 years…I think that they then dropped them, although I can’t remember for sure.  However, I have 2 years’ worth of The Connoisseur's Choice Newsletters, 1991 and 1992, about 13 issues.  I have used them so much; I now keep them in a ring binder.
For several years I made my yeast breads in my processor exclusively and still do when I only need one loaf or rolls or sweet bread dough.  It also simplifies vegetable preparation, an aid when canning or freezing.  I also buy bulk quantities of cheese and shred it in my processor; often very good cheeses are not available in the pre-shredded form.
Myrna and I are going to share some of our favorites from these newsletters, as well as a few I hadn’t tried until now.  Not all the recipes in the newsletters used a food processor, because by this time, Cuisinart was branching out into cookware, hand blenders, ice cream makers, coffee and espresso makers, hand mixers, microwave ovens and scales.
Many of these recipes can be made by other methods; using a mixer, mandolin, chef’s knife, etc., but they are so much easier with a processor.  I give mine precious counter space in my small kitchen.
If you don’t have a processor, try these recipes using traditional methods, you’ll still enjoy them.
I haven’t seen these recipes on their current website; sadly, it seems that they didn’t add this treasure trove to their recipe site.  However, these newsletters and recipes expanded my culinary repertoire with their excellent, clear directions, hints and photos.

Old Fashioned Peach Ice Cream

Maple Cream

Peach Frozen Yogurt (gluten free)

Chocolate Cupcakes for a compact food processor

Lemon Salad Dressing

Herbed Garlic Rolls in the food processor

White Bread in the food processor

Cheese Bread in the food processor

Challah in the food processor

Light Potato Salad

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