Use It Up...Dry Cereals

It’s hard for me to talk about using up dry purchased cereals, because we simply don’t purchase them at our house, with the exception of Grapenuts for our granola and as a topping for our cooked oatmeal, both nutritious and inexpensive.  But at Myrna’s house they eat dry cereal because everyone can easily get their own breakfast on their own timetable, certainly an advantage.  I actually had to buy a box of cornflakes to make a few blog recipes, and we remembered that it was the only dry cereal our dad liked.
If I buy cold cereals, I like ones that are unsugared and simple, ones my Grandma would have remembered...the ones we are showing here have been around for far longer than even I realized.  Cereal Timeline says Grapenuts was introduced in 1897, cornflakes in 1906-1908, and rice krispies in 1928!
If you have dry cereal around, there are many recipes and ways you can incorporate the odds and ends of a box into your meals before it goes stale.  Some of the most common recipes using dry cereals are for cookies, breads, desserts and appetizers, where they add a light crispness, breading for chicken and fish, and as toppings on casseroles.  I find that cornflakes make a good, crunchy topping that doesn’t even need to be buttered like breadcrumbs.

Here are a few recipes to get you thinking:

Browned Butter Nut Crispy Bars  (also gluten-free)

Rice Krispie Chicken  (also gluten free)

Party Chicken Salad

Homemade Grapenuts

Grapenuts Bread

(One of Grapenuts top 10 recipes)

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