Use It Up...Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are economical, tasty and versatile.  When you can grow your own, or buy them in season on sale, it’s good to have several ways to use them to give variety to your menus.
Grandma added them to yeast baked goods to improve moistness and keepability; leftover mashed potatoes made their return appearance as potato patties and for both meat and vegetable pie toppings.  Of course, everyone has their favorite potato salad, both hot and cold.

Try a few of our recipes that put extra mashed potatoes to good use.

Mashed Potato Salad


  1. leftover mashed potatoes is great for drop donuts as well.
    Now add some leftover stuffing to them mashed potatoes and makes for wonderful crispy potato patties.
    Make mashed potato cups using your muffin tin; scoop mashed potatoes in each cup; sprinkle with bit of cheese along with bit of parsley ad bake.
    Also, don't forget about using them taters to top off Shepherd's Pie
    Interesting pie blender utensil you have. Very unique potato masher. Never seen one quite like that shape/ style

    1. These all sound good Colleen, in our house unless I plan for it we never have leftover mashed potatoes. They are one of Lyle's favorite foods. LOL

    2. Nice ideas...I especially like the idea of stuffing in the potato patties!
      The potato masher is my pie crust blender, as you see. However, the same company makes a larger potato masher of a similar design...this way I only keep one utensil to do both jobs, as I only do small amounts of potatoes by hand, and it's the best pie crust blender I've found.

  2. You can also make pierogies and gnocchi.

    1. Oh, yes...I guess I need to find an expert to teach us the tricks of those recipes!


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