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Home Baking with Robin Hood Flour was a happy find when our local antique mall moved and marked down a lot of their merchandise.  That made me search though some piles of cookbooks in one of the booths, where I found this one.  Printed around 1980, the booklet emphasizes “Coolrise” yeast breads, which rise overnight in the refrigerator.  However, you can use whatever method you like, and with current instant or bread-machine yeasts, doughs rise much more quickly at room temperature today. 
The book also includes quick breads, cookies, cakes and pies, main dishes like pizza and biscuit-topped casseroles, and desserts like cobblers and crepes.  I have used a variety of recipes from the Robin Hood flour bags, so I know they are successful.  
I baked for years with Robin Hood flour before I realized the company was Canadian.  Their website says that it was started in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1909.  Their flour was certainly being sold throughout the Midwestern US since I can remember starting to bake as a preteen. 
Here are some Spring baking ideas from Robin Hood that Myrna and I were excited to try, and I can say, the recipes are as good as they look.

Pumpernickel Big Buns

Crunchy Orange Muffins

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  1. Hi,I'm from Canada and I use Robin Hood flour. It is an all purpose flour and I use it for all my baking, from cakes to bread to pie crust. Everything turns out great.


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