Cookbooks Reviews...Betty Crocker Good and Easy Cook Book

I’m on my second copy of the original Betty Crocker Good and Easy Cook Book, first published in 1954.  The first one, purchased when I was in college, simply gave out, and lost its cover, because it was used so much. The book has been revised several times, but I still like the old one, which uses minimal mixes and convenience foods. 
The book has the basics, and I mean basics, like how to make coffee and bake a potato, as well as a real variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertaining.  I like the menu ideas scattered throughout the book and lots of suggestions for dressing up and adding variety to basics like fruit and vegetables.  
We moved to Germany right after we got married, and I used this cookbook constantly those years – as I learned to cook for two instead of the institutional cooking I was used to.  At home, our mom only had a few cookbooks – a 1940’s Red Plaid, and a church cookbook is what I remember.  I had my 1970’s Red Plaid and this book the first 5 years, until we returned to the states and I started collecting cookbooks. 
Some of our family favorites over the years are from this book…recipes I still make.  It wasn’t hard for me to find recipes in this book…some of them are below.

Molasses Baked Beans

Macaroni Sauté

Orange Onion Salad

Janette's Pork and Noodles

Scrambled Eggs


  1. I got this one when I was in college, too. In 1963. I could use a new copy as the front and back covers of mine are held on with a rubber band and some of the pages have come loose. I don't know what it is about this book, maybe the fact that I literally learned to cook with it, but sometimes of an evening I'll take it to the couch and read through it again, and again, and again. It's like an old friend. :o)

    1. I got mine a few years later...they apparently just kept printing the 1954 edition for awhile. I feel like this one is an old friend too.

  2. How neat! I love classic cookbooks!


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