Sunday in Iowa...

Winter wash...

like our mother's used to do it...and Myrna and I remember helping,
near Cantril, Iowa


  1. Love it! But the next person coming out of that back door better be aware of the huge plop of snow ready to slide off the metal roof! :o}

  2. Hello from SD! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed it so much. I grew up in SE Iowa so am particularly fond of your "Sunday in Iowa" feature. I looked through your entire "Sunday In Iowa" archive! Makes me lonesome to be there.
    I also enjoy your daily food posts - it helps keep me motivated in the kitchen! Thank you!

    1. Glad you enjoy it...we enjoy taking pix of "home"...and sharing them.
      Myrna went to college in Brookings, so we're familiar with SD too.

  3. Blowin' in the wind. Looks like a nice Iowa breeze helping to dry them clothes
    Seeing this; I don't miss Iowa one bit. Well; the winters I don't miss .
    I also remember helping my mother hang laundry. Sometimes the blue jeans would freeze and turn to board stiff in the winter. When it was really very cold outside we would hang up the laundry in the basement. A Basement; now that I really do miss. Due to Texas soil not many homes have basements.


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