Cookbook Reviews...The Best of Byerly's

One cookbook we have featured is from a Minnesota chain of upscale grocery stores. Byerly’s in the Twin Cities area is a great place to shop. They have everything you could want from live fish, exotic cheeses and all kinds of upscale ingredients for your next dinner party to the the average grocery store items. There is a cooking school in the store with it’s own kitchen area. 
  One of the things I look forward to on a trip to the Twin Cities is eating in the in-store restaurant.  The first time I ate there was with my aunt who lived in St Louis Park and we had their famous Wild Rice Soup. They now sell it frozen as there is such a demand for it and include the recipe in this cookbook.  Here's the recipe.
  This is the second cookbook the store put out. The first one is out of print and I see Amazon has copies of this 1993 edition and one source for the earlier edition. The recipes range from typical Midwest fare to fancier recipes for dinner parties. The general quality is definitely a cut above the average and does have a gourmet edge. Most ingredients are readily available, although some more hard-to-find ingredients are also used to spice things up a bit. 
  There is a section on Menu’s for all seasons and a section of cooking for a crowd. 
If you want a different yet commonsense cookbook try to find a copy of this book.
Do treat yourself to a fun grocery shopping trip if you are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. If you go online, you can find the locations for the Byerly's stores.
We hope you will enjoy our choices and want to try some of the recipes yourself.
 I recently found a copy of the first cookbook the store put out in a small thrift store in Pella Iowa. Just as good as the second book. What a great find.

Pork Chops Dijon

Sherried Cranberry Mold

French Toast...Oven Style

Pecan Rice

Apple Pecan Bread

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