Cookbook Reviews...Cooking A `La Heart

 Several years ago when I had my first heart attack I was in the hospital in Des Moines Iowa. The dietitian strongly recommended this cookbook for all of their heart patients.
  I was glad to find an alternative to the American Heart Assoc. Book which I find to large, and too many recipes that I would never, ever, fix. As you can see, my copy is well used.
  Cooking ala Heart is published in Mankato, Minnesota. My copy is from 1992. At that point there were 80,000 in print.  Amazon is showing a 2008 and a 2009 edition available for sale. I would urge you to look for a copy if you are wanting a good heart healthy cookbook. Many of the recipes list diabetic exchanges also. 
  The main point of this book is that these are recipes that work for the average cook.
Nothing too off the wall, but interesting enough that you will not realize that these are “healthy” recipes. There is a wide range of items from appetizers to fruit desserts & more. 
  The editors are from the Mankato area and know midwest people and what they will eat. Mankato has a program called Mankato Heart Health Program. The grocers and the schools and general public make an effort to help people stay healthy. Something more of us should do. I hope you enjoy the recipes from this book and look for a copy. I am sure you will enjoy and use it.

Pork Chops with Caraway Rice

Dilled Bean Salad

Swedish Meatballs

Cod Fillets with Cucumber Dill Sauce

Minnesota Chili

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