Use It Up...Fruit in Cakes and Cupcakes

Don’t we all have some fresh, cooked or canned fruit we’d like to use up…what better way than in cakes or cupcakes.  You’ll have to know that almost all of these cake recipes are Myrna’s…she has cake lovers she can bake for.  These are recipes to get you started thinking about using fruit in your baking.


  1. Oh, these look like such wonderful recipes, and you know that I'm an advocate of using up bits and tads of things! I have some brandied peaches that are looking for something to be baked into. When Hubs gets his cherry pie filling dump cake finished off, I might approach that next. I sure wish you lived in my neighborhood rather than all the way up in Iowa....

    1. Hi Ilene, I'll bet those brandied peaches would work well in the recipe for the plum cake, if drained well. Yes with groceries getting so expensive we all need to do as our parents did and use it all up.


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