Use It Up...Fruit in Quick Breads and Yeast Breads

Quick breads are perfect ways to use up small amounts of fruit.  Simple to make, you can use small amounts of fruit or combinations of fruit to make delicious breads that keep well and also freeze well.  Perfect to serve with coffee or with main dish salads.
Fruits can also be incorporated into yeast breads, especially dried fruits like raisins, dates, or candied fruits for holiday breads.
Here are a few fruit bread recipes to get you excited.  


  1. Dear Myrna and Sue, I live a few states over from you in Wisconsin and enjoy your blog. Everyone of the breads you shared in this post is a keeper for me. I truly appreciate your energy and generosity in sharing all of your wonderful recipes and your kitchen wisdom, as you call it. I am a retired person and still fine tuning every aspect of my cooking skill set. I can spend a lot of time on the web but I have to say that your blog is always worthwhile. Thanks, Ladies.



    1. Thanks, Jeanne...
      We love making bread too. Glad to hear from a neighbor.


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