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I still use this Kerr Kitchen Cookbook, published in 1990.  I think the recipe combinations are more sophisticated than the current Ball books, and they give lots of good recipes using the canned or frozen foods too. 
It appears to me that cooks in the last generation were less afraid to use spices like allspice, and perhaps they were more common than now – I had to go to an Amish grocery to find whole allspice.  If you like to can and you want more than just plain stuff, try one of these older canning books.  I’m not inclined to use my oldest canning books unless I've up-dated the methods, but I do think the recipes are better as far as seasoning goes and it's a good way to get new-old ideas for combinations.  This book is excellent, current in it's methods, and you can see my copy is well-worn.  I especially like the serving suggestions scattered throughout the book, showing you how to use your home-canned goods.


  1. I buy the current ball books....but honestly, I always look back at the older ones. I'm afraid we're losing the canning skills of our generation. I mean, Ball makes an electric water bath canner.....I guess my old pot and stove are obsolete! lol

    (and of course, I've ordered this book as well....)

    1. On an encouraging note, I recently had a younger gal tell me that she canned Salsa every year and grew all of the ingredients in her garden while working full time and living in town. I think some of the younger ones are becoming more self sufficient.

  2. I agree with Myrna...I'm surprised at the number of younger women I have worked with who garden and can, especially tomato products, here in the Midwest, at least. Of course, all of my sister-in-laws, who are our age, still can, if not as much as when they had kids at home. So does my daughter-in-law, who keeps a nice garden in the country.
    I do agree on the electric water bath canner??, and most of the canning magazines now only have water-bath recipes...none for pressure canners. You have to look at a Blue Book to find pressure canner recipes...and the Presto Canning Recipes, on their website which isn't a bad source.


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