Cookbook Reviews...Land O Lakes Best Loved Recipes

This little Land O Lakes hardcover book was printed in 1996, and celebrates 75 years of the Land O Lakes name.  Two separate contestants entered the Land O Lakes name out of 100,000 entries in a contest held by the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries for a catchy brand name for their dairy products.  The prize was $200 in GOLD – in 1924.
These recipes have been printed in their other books – they represent over 70 all-time favorites from their test kitchens with some new versions as well.  This book includes only baking recipes; cookies, pies, breads and coffee cakes, and desserts.
As you know by now, we are fans of Land O Lakes books and recipes, and this book is no exception.  Here are some recipes we tried.

Easy Coconut Custard Pie

Layered Pralines & Cream Pudding

Easy Mini Cheesecakes

Bavarian Custard

Chunky Salted Peanut Butter Cookies

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