Use It Up...Egg Whites

I often make Cooked Dressing; that results in extra egg whites.  Many custards, and fruit curds result in egg whites you need to use.  The most common uses are meringue, whether on pies or cakes, in shells, or in macaroon-type cookies (where I most often use them).  Many white cakes depend on beaten egg whites for their light, tender crumb and egg white is also used as a bread finish on French or Italian-style loaves or to hold on goodies like coarse sugar, herbs or seeds before baking.  Coating fish or chicken with beaten egg white and then coating with breading, or in the case of the last recipe, combining a savory meringue with fish are more ways to use them.  Of course, you can always add your extra egg whites to scrambled eggs.
Here are some of our favorite recipes for using up extra egg whites.

Macaroon-type Cookies:

Chiffon Pies:

Light, White Cakes and Cupcakes:

As a Finish or Topping:

To Top or Coat Fish or Chicken:


  1. The people that are on low carb diets have an interesting recipe using baked whipped eggwhites as flatbreads, since they can't eat bread. I haven't tried it, but it would be another use for eggwhites.

    1. Now that sounds nasty. I woud guess it isn't but sounds bad. lol


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