Use It Up...Freezing Peppers

One of my go-to freezer items is frozen sweet bell peppers.  I keep both pieces for stir-frying and diced peppers to add to many recipes.  I use them so much I keep them in a special plastic box in my freezer so I can find them easily.  They stir-fry or cook just like fresh ones...I can't tell the difference.  I also add them to vegetables like green beans, peas or corn to brighten them up...heat them together.
They are so simple to do…no blanching or fussing needed.  Just slice off the top of the pepper (I save the top ring for salads or dices), then slice down the sides, leaving the seeds and center of the pepper intact, ready to discard.
I either bag the slices for stir-fries, or dice the slices and freeze them flat in freezer bags.   I usually just break off what I need...this works best when they are flattened thinly in the bag.  I freeze them flat on a tray until they are frozen hard, then put the bags in my freezer box.
When I have them, I freeze garden peppers, and when I run out I purchase peppers on sale and freeze them. 
No wasted produce and a head start on food preparation…a real win-win.
A small pepper is about 1/4 cup, a medium pepper about 1/2 cup and a large pepper about 1 cup chopped.
Try your peppers in some of these recipes.


  1. I certainly enjoy reading your blog, even if I'm not making all the recipes. I really admire the way you live and save food. I am planning my move to the country to do gardening, canning, etc. and this is very inspirational. I too want to live like my folks did back in the 40s and 50s!


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