From the Garden...Green and Gold Salad or Pea and Cheese Salad

Myrna doesn’t like this salad…we won’t tell her what she is missing!  We love it…pretty, tasty, and extra special with homemade cooked dressing.  My husband likes Colby Longhorn cheese, so that’s what I used here.  We enjoyed it with salmon cakes and fruit for dessert.
Don’t miss this oldie but goodie salad!                     
Green and Gold Salad
  1 1/2   cups  frozen peas – thawed  (or fresh)
     1/3   cup  cheddar cheese -- diced
  2          tablespoons  minced onion
     1/4   cup  cooked dressing -- or mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
  1          tablespoon  prepared mustard (optional)
Drain peas well.  Stir mayonnaise and mustard together.  Mix in remaining ingredients and chill.

Serves 4

I make my salad dressing a day ahead, so the flavors meld.  Use any leftovers to make chicken or tuna salad, or on sandwiches.  It keeps about a week.                           
Cooked Dressing
  1        tablespoons  Sugar
  1        tablespoons  Flour, All-purpose or Cook-type Clear Jel
  ½       teaspoon  Salt
  ½       teaspoon  Dry Mustard
 1         large  Egg Yolk -- slightly beaten
 3         ounces  Milk (I have used skim milk, whole milk and it’s really good with half and half)
  2        tablespoons  Vinegar – mild (we like cider vinegar)
   ½      Tablespoon  Butter 
Mix dry ingredients; gradually add egg yolk and milk (I use a wire whip); cook over hot (not boiling) water until thick, stirring constantly, only about 3-4 minutes.  Add vinegar and butter; mix well and cook until thick.  Cover with plastic wrap right on the top of the mixture while cooling it.  Chill; stir before using.
67¢ per cup   Only 25 Calories per tablespoon
  "Betty Crocker Good and Easy 1954 or Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book 1946 and 1968"


  1. Sorry Sis, Not going to eat it, lol.

    1. Myrna, I agree with you. It is not the taste--it tastes lovely--but the differences in the textures of the peas and cheese gets to me!

    2. Sue and I were laughing about this at coffee this morning. I hadn't thought about the texture. Sue says I just don't like green vegies and she does have a point I am afraid.

    3. Well, ladies...
      I bow to my husband, who says you don't know what you're missing...especially with the homemade dressing!

    4. I agree with him on the Homemade dressing. Great stuff, just not the peas.

  2. Looks like Green Bay Packer salad to me! I'll bet it's delish with Birdseye petite peas.


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