Do You Remember?

Great Grandma Clara Marti Feeding Her Chickens

Do you remember...?
Do you remember when most folks in small towns had chickens in their back yards?  More recently than Great-grandma's era?
When egg money was the farm wife's spending money?  Or grocery money?
When daily chores included feeding the chickens and gathering eggs?
When Sunday dinner meant killing an old hen first?
We don't remember our great grandmother, but our grandmother and mother did the same.


  1. Never knew either of my grandmother's but growing up on Iowa farm it was my job feeding and gathering the eggs.
    Great old family photo

    1. We didn't grow up on the farm, but were one of the town famiiies that had chickens, Grandma, Uncle and Dad. The kids got to be the ones gathering the eggs quite a bit of the time, also cleaning out the chicken house!

  2. Oh my this brings back memories!

  3. My dear MIL was born and raised in Missouri. When she married my husband's father they lived in Reseda, California. Back in the 50s homes in the SFV often sat on over an acre of land. They raised chickens - my husband -he is 67- remembers rhis!😊

    1. I think the 50's were one of the last eras where raising chickens for home use, not commercial, was common.

  4. I was a child in the '50s and '60s and had bantams for pets in our city-suburban garden.
    I loved feeding them and collecting the eggs, which must have paid for their mash and wheat and kept my mother well-supplied with eggs for cooking.
    Also I loved to feed the hens and collect the eggs at my grandmother's and my uncle's farms.

    Then I lived on a farm for thirty years and sold eggs from my own hens.

    There must be strict by-laws about poultry-keeping in urban areas these days, but in my present town I occasionally hear hens in the distance announcing their egg-laying.

    I've always liked poultry.



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