Family Favorites...Ring Bologna and Sauerkraut

Myrna and I grew up in a German-speaking community where really good ring bologna was available from the local meat markets, each from their own recipe.  Now we are lucky enough to live near Pella, Iowa, (many folks here are Dutch) where there are two meat markets that each make and market their own recipe for ring bologna and both are good.  You can buy Pella or Ulrich’s bologna at all the supermarkets around here.  I know that many Midwestern states have their own local favorites.
Here’s the way we like it at our house.  I use Frank’s brand canned sauerkraut – it tastes the most like our grandma’s homemade – and no, they didn’t pay me to say that.   This is a good, simple recipe that my husband likes with boiled potatoes or noodles, either one in brown butter.  The noodles in the photo are homemade .    
Ring Bologna and Sauerkraut
  1          each  Ring Bologna -- (1 lb. or more cut into 4 pieces)
  32        fluid ounces  Sauerkraut
     ½      cup  Onion -- chopped
  2          tablespoons  Butter
     ½      teaspoon  Celery Seeds
     ½      teaspoon  Caraway Seeds
     ½      teaspoon  Salt
     ½      teaspoon  Pepper
In a large skillet, sauté onions, celery seed, caraway seed, salt and pepper in butter.   Add sauerkraut.   Add ring bologna on top. (Bologna could be pierced or slashed instead of cut into pieces.)
Cook, covered, 20 -30 minutes.  

4 Servings


  1. I use ring bologna to make meat salad, this sounds like a great cold weather use!

  2. That looks just delicious. Pure comfort food that both my husband and I enjoy. His Grandfather came from Austria and my Grandmother and Grandfather came from Switzerland.

  3. Your photo of the balogna, noodles, and kraut have me starving for it, except with plain old cooked cabbage instead. Menu plan change will be made.

  4. This is a great cold weather meal...cabbage or kraut are both good...depends on what you have on hand...same with potatoes or noodles!

  5. Just been down a bunny-trail of research after realising that your Bologna is my "polony".
    Very tasty!

    1. Valerie...where are you from? Whatever the name, we enjoy good sausage!

    2. I'm from New Zealand.
      I see Bologna is also known as Polony in South Africa and Australia.
      There must have been a change in the pronunciation and spelling many generations ago - in Britain? - which the immigrants to those Commonwealth countries brought with them :)

    3. Isn't the internet can find out all kinds of interesting information!
      Most of our bologna makers are smaller, local producers who are middle-European, so we are familiar with the name they use.

  6. When I was a kid this was Saturday's supper. My Mother always served this with fried potatoes which were made from leftovers from the week. I still really enjoy it but it would seem that my grandchildren's tastes exclude one of my childhood favorites both the bologna and sauerkraut. I loved my piece of ring bologna with horseradish mustard.

    Thanks to both of you ladies for your wonderful blog.


    1. Yes, fried potatoes is one of the ways we like it also. Thank Goodness my kid and grandkids like both the sauerkraut and the bologna.
      I use mustard, haven't tried the horseradish mustard, sounds good though.


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