Do You Remember?

Christian Church in Keosauqua, Iowa
Do You Remember?...

When churches were sanctuaries, not a ‘campus’?
When the simple church basement was the location for church dinners or wedding receptions?
When the church ‘play area’ was said basement or outside instead of McDonald-like play gyms?
When “summer bible school” was about Bible stories and the Golden Rule, not huge inflatables or commercialized with movie tie-ins?
When the main sanctuary contained pews with hymnals, not basketball courts?
When the only “music system” in the church was a piano or cherished organ?
When we had simple pot luck “dinner on the grounds” or ice cream socials instead of “coffee shops or cafes” in our churches?


  1. Hello there, I have been reading your blog for a long time and absolutely love it. Here in Yorkshire the weather has been cloudy and chilly. Today seems like Spring is around the corner, do hope so. One of my favourite pieces are the Sunday photos I always look and marvel. By the way on this post you mention how things were regarding churches etc., well I think the same over here. Not sure what is happening but no doubt the young people of today will comment on the same issues in 40 years time! Love Andie xxx

  2. I'm new to your blog, but have been attracted by your thoughtful, well-written posts on simplier times and rural experiences. Really enjoyed this post about what churches used to be . . . I've been thinking about this a great deal since Easter and you put it well. I contrast the simplicity of "family worship" with the energy and effort we tend to expel today to attract families to church. I truly appreciate a congregation that provides fun and fellowship, and I understand how many things compete with church attendance . . . but I wonder if our youth will have the same rich memories that some of us had. I treasure remembering a farm neighbor arriving one steamy hot summer day at our country church. He had a covered milk can in the back of his pickup truck and it was "sweating" because it contained ICE COLD, red Kool Aid for the Sunday School Class!!! One ladel served ALL!

    1. I think you are right as one of my memories is caroling with our youth group and going back to the church basement for Hot Cocoa and cookies made from scratch and we looked forward to doing that in cold Minnesota winters. I tell myself each generation has its own memories so that is what matters, we can all cherish ours. Have a great weekend hopefully without snow. We would share ours that is coming down on my growing rhubarb after days in the high sixties this past week.

  3. Hi, Andie...glad to have you with us. We actually got some snow last night...very late in the season for us here!

  4. I remember those simpler times.
    And I think they somehow helped even children to have a sense of, and appreciate and connect with, the sacred and holy.
    [Valerie, NZ]


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