Do You Remember?

Our Grandma in her "phone corner"
 Remember party lines...the phone was so important it had it's own place (desk, phone chairs, etc.)

When you could order groceries and have them delivered...

When people actually talked instead of texting?


  1. Wish we could turn back that clock, but then I remember people listening all the time too. lol

    1. Oh yes...those party lines! If they didn't listen in on everyone else's calls, they would stay on the line all day so no one else could use it. Every party line had someone like that.

  2. We never experienced a party line until moving up here to northern Minnesota some 45 years ago. It was a 4-party line and there was one woman who would answer the phone no matter whose ring it was. :o\

    Growing up, we had a little telephone stand where our one and only phone in the house was. It had a little seat with sort of a small end table attached to it where the phone sat.

    Talking on the phone was certainly more personal than texting is today.

  3. I can still remember the numbers and ring-codes of my grandparents and my uncle out on their farms.
    We lived in a distant city and it was a big event to make a long-distance call: we rang them probably only once or twice a year, the call would be routed through at least three exchanges and operators, and we kept the calls short, because they cost money. But my mother and grandmother would exchange letters every week: they would write on Sundays and the letters would arrive on Wednesdays.
    When we visited the farm, a novelty for me was the mailman delivering bread and groceries.
    [Valerie, NZ]

    1. Ah, yes...our uncle owned one of the local groceries; they had their own delivery truck for home orders...the dairy had their own milkman too, who delivered your put your order slip for next time in the clean empty bottles you returned. The only bad part was that the deliverymen would tell your Mom where you were in the neighborhood if she was looking for you to put you to work!


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