In the Kitchen...Kitchen Knives

No kitchen can do without some good knives…no matter what your level of knife skills are.
For years, I have had a set of Wüsthof Classic knives, since my hospital kitchen co-workers gave me a nice set of the steak knives as a wedding gift.  They moved with us to Germany, Georgia, Texas and then back to Iowa…and I’ve never had to replace them.  My husband is a fanatic about keeping knives sharpened, so I never have had to worry about them.
However, in the last 10 years or so, they have gradually given way to Rada knives, which are made in Waverly, Iowa.  After buying some granny knives and tomato knives at the Dutchman’s in Cantril, I have purchased more…duplicates for my husband and myself…he spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and does most of our salad making.  We fought over who could use the knives, and I had to purchase more so we each had one of our favorites.
My favorite Radas have the black handle, and we love the smaller cook’s knives (I use both sizes), tomato knives and paring knives.  The only one I have purchased that we didn’t like was the bread knife…it was too thin to cut through crusty loaves.
Why do we love them?  They are thin and absolutely razor sharp, seldom need sharpening, and they are inexpensive as well.  The entire set that is pictured only costs about $80 on Amazon.

Both of these choices are reasonably priced and will last for years in home kitchens.  I’ll leave the very expensive knives to the pros.  Both are available online, as well as in stores.  


  1. Love! Rada knives. I had a set of Cutco knives a while back...didn't care for them at all. I'm slowly replacing them with Victornox (Forschners). One knife has been with me for 40 Alfred Zanger chef's knife that I got when I was 13.

  2. Love the Rada tomato knife and the large paring, I think it is a utility knife. I have Wusthof classic knives too.

  3. One thing I wish I had in my kitchen and that is a good knife set; especially a good sharp knife that will cut up a chicken easily.

  4. I have a real good kitchen shears and that is what Use.

  5. I love the Rada knives. I have at least a half dozen of the paring knives, black handle and a few green ones, as well as steak knives and my favorite, the tomato knife. Nothing else will cut up a tomato as well. The church ladies around here sell Rada at their fairs and fundraisers, I always pick up one or two for gifts. Oh yes, I like the chopper too!

    1. The TOMATO knive is sooooo good My favorite also.

  6. I absolutely love my Rada knives. My Mom started me out with Rada knives when I went away to college - with a paring knife. Then a filet/boning knife when I got my first apartment. I still have both of them & recently donated a Henckels knife block set I used for a while, after I discovered the Rada online store & bought about 7 more of the Rada knives. Cost me a fraction of what that Henckels set was, and it all stores beautifully in a drawer knife block, freeing up space on the countertop [not a lot of that in my new apartment]. My favorite Rada knives are the tomato knife and the bagel knife, along with the Rada spreaders. I have both the standard size & the little party spreader, which is absolutely the best for cheese spreads, peanut butter etc. Very sturdy but lightweight & fun to use. Can't recommend Rada highly enough. Try some of their soups & mixes too. We like the Buffalo chicken dip!

  7. I bought the hubby some really nice chef knives. I won't use them since I don't want to lose any parts of my fingers. I have a different set that I use.


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