Do You Remember?

Do you remember...
When many Midwestern yards looked like these in May?
With new gardens?
With hedges of 'Bridal Wreath" or Spirea?
With big clumps of rhubarb that come back every year?
With poppies growing for Memorial Day?
With threatening afternoon skies as the heat and humidity rises?
Why small-town living still seems right?

Photos taken around my small town neighborhood.


  1. Yes. We just visited my in laws in rural Minnesota. They don't live in town, but their nearest town is about 250 people, no gas station but they have a grocery co-op that's run by volunteers with essentials like milk, bread, ice cream. If someone needs something, they can call one of the volunteers to open it up, or come in the limited hours it's open.
    The gardens were just getting started, they are having a late spring. The fields had the farmers out in them, busy with planting.
    It was so relaxing, yet invigorating at the same time.
    I loved seeing it all.

  2. What a sense of wonderful nostalgia your photos bring. Wish we could go back to that time politically and socially.

  3. And the asparagus patches that came up every year too! During our first Spring [1967] in our "new" house - an old farmhouse with two barns, an orchard and 9 acres of lawn - my Dad discovered a big asparagus patch behind one of the barns and was in 7th heaven! And a black currant bush that still provides berries for jelly. My brother lives there now and still plants a vegetable garden every year just where my parents had theirs. His is organic now, though...

  4. Goodness! You described the yard where I grew up! We had a line of Bridal Wreath bushes from the northeast corner of the house about 20 feet to the huge oak tree, which followed the sidewalk to the back porch entry. On the west side of the house (back yard) was a large circle of poppies that were so pretty when in bloom. Our many rhubarb plants weren't in the houseyard, but along one side of the large garden. The punch for my wedding was made from rhubarb juice that my mom had saved and was delicious. We also had a huge circle of lilac bush and we always had a big vase full of them as long as they bloomed. I still love the fragrant lilacs. We had 2 black walnut trees in the houseyard. They made a mess and cleaning them was not fun, but oh-so-good. By the back door Mom had a tire filled with moss roses. Thanks for reminding me of all that.

  5. All wonderful memories of the simpler "good ol' days!"


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