In the Kitchen...Food Choppers small size

The bottom right is the one I use now
  Small food processors or food choppers are a nice addition to your kitchen. They come in various sizes and shapes, some are electric and some are manual.
 Over the years I have had several of the nut choppers and find that the new ones are not made as well and I end up with broken teeth. Sure wish I still had the one we used at home and I used for many years but it finally quit on me. I do like the manual choppers as they are easy to control and you can chop as fine or large as you want.
 I have had both the Kitchen Aid older small size which I am still using and the Black and Decker small size which I passed on to my daughter. Both work well, though I find that putting frozen nuts in them will turn the nuts to paste before they are chopped.

 If you don’t want to always drag out your big size food processor consider one of these kitchen helpers.


  1. They are a lot easier to drag out than the big one. Especially, if you are making something like a salsa and only want a small batch.

    1. Oh yeah, the little red one in the lower right corner is the one I have and it stays on my counter. I like the big one, but don't use it unless I have a large amount to do. For most things in a small household like mine the small one works just fine.


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