Do You Remember?

Our Grandparents home and front porch
Do you remember?
Summer Sundays on  Grandmother's porch.
What a great memory. Our Grandmother had a large screened in front porch. In the summer, Sunday afternoon late lunch or early supper was most often on her front porch. Since we lived a block away from her we spent many summer days at Grandmother’s house.
Sunday’s were always special though, one of the treats being the food. Pasta salads, fruit salads, Snowflake dinner rolls, a plate of Thuringer summer sausage and great cheeses, and always lots of home canned pickles. Beet, dill, sweet and bread and butter which are my personal favorites. I still can them when I can find pickling cucumbers. Once in awhile we would have olives something my mother rarely bought so they were a treat.
Everyone would sit and rest and visit. Just a peaceful, quiet time. Many times later in the evening my Grandfather would drive to the local A&W to buy a gallon of rootbeer. Then he would stop for vanilla ice cream and we would have root beer floats to end the day. It seems like we don’t spend enough time just doing nothing anymore. 
I hope you have pleasant memories of time spent with your family on lazy summer days.


  1. I've just had my memory jogged about two porches -

    one, my great-aunt's, with a potted Boston fern and African Violets and a Lloyd Loom chair with her Burmese cat on it, and a grapevine growing over the roof;

    and the other at my uncle's home on the farm, with a net of walnuts drying slung just under the roof, and doors open into the old wooden house to let in a bit of cooling breeze, and my cousins and I would climb out the bedroom windows to the porch if we felt daring.

    Happy days of sixty years ago - thank you for the memory!
    [Valerie, NZ]

    1. Valerie, Even in different countries it seems we all have great Memories of our childhood. Somehow we didn't have a Boston Fern, but my Mother-in-law did.

  2. Thanks for sharing such warm memories - and thanks for jogging our memories! I loved being at my grandparents' farm. We didn't get to visit frequently because of the distance (400 miles), but we often stayed for a week or two when we visited. Good food was a given on the farm. I wish I could cook like my mom doees and grandma did. They could make a delicious meal out of anything!
    A & W was such a treat in my hometown. We rarely drank pop. We had it on rare occassions, such as when we finished walking beans for our grandparents.
    The home in the picture is beautiful. It's look stately, but welcoming.

    1. Denise, that was quite a trip to see your Grandparents. The home in the picture was our Grandparents, built by our Grandfather as he was a building contractor, as was our Father. We rarely had pop outside of those rootbeer floats but I think when I did my favorite was Orange NiHi.


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