Family Favorites...Bonnie's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Bonnie’s son-in-law requested this old-fashioned pie; she always has rhubarb in the Spring, and after searching some old cookbooks, we found this recipe in my mother’s 1946 Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. 
It was a winner, according to tasters at a family reunion-graduation party at their homestead.  I actually don’t like rhubarb, but this pie was delicious!  Bonnie, who with her husband and family celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary in May, is an expert baker.
Perfectly set, with wonderful, flaky pastry, everyone who tried this pie liked it.                       
                          Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
  1            Cup  Sugar
     1/4     Teaspoon  Salt
     1/4     Teaspoon  Nutmeg
  2            Tablespoons  Quick-cooking Tapioca
     1/4     Cup  Orange Juice
  3            Cups  Rhubarb -- cut
  1            Cup  Sliced Strawberries
  1            Tablespoon  Butter
  1            Recipe  Double Pie Crust
Combine sugar, salt, nutmeg, tapioca, orange juice and rhubarb; place in 9" pie pan lined with pastry.
Top with strawberries and dot with butter.
Add top crust and finish as desired.
Bake in hot oven 450° for 10 minutes; then in moderate oven 350° for 30 minutes.

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  1. Isn't that a pretty pie crust? So flaky looking and the filling is Spring in a pie plate. We Northerners do like out Rhubarb.

  2. It is pretty. I have never made a pie crust. It's on the bucket list.

  3. gosh, that looks rhubarb won't grow near the Texas gulf coast......or so they say....sigh.

  4. This is the recipe I use! Looks perfect. A family favorite with my family as well. I do enjoy rhubarb. I have a bumper crop this year, going to make some sugar free jam with strawberries, custard rhubarb bars and just freeze the rest. I made some strawberry rhubarb ice cream a couple weeks ago, that was a hit.


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