In the Kitchen...Measuring cups

Top and left are for liquids, right for dry ingredients
  There are basically two types of measuring cups, The nested ones that are filled to the top and then swept off are for dry ingredients and the glass or plastic that when full are not at the top of the measuring cup are for liquids. 
Also in this equation is a kitchen scale. Sue does this for the bulk of her measuring and I do it once in awhile. I do use the weight on a package such as chocolate chips etc. They will tell you how many cups are in their packaging also. Marshmallow or coconut are also measurable by using package weight.
 When you are buying measuring cups if you go to a thrift store you might luck into some of the older Pyrex glass measuring cups. Cooks Illustrated claims the older ones are more durable though I haven’t had any problems with the newer ones.  They do usually have more measurement marks than newer ones, handy in my opinion.
 When you use measuring cups for dry ingredients and yes, you need both kinds, do not tap the cups on the counter or table to add more flour, it needs to stay light and use a table knife to sweep excess flour off to level. 
Brown sugar most often calls for it to be packed firmly and you will also use this style of cup to measure fats like Crisco or lard and I use mine to measure salad dressings and Mayo. This is also what you use for celery and onions if you measure them. 
 The glass or plastic are for any liquid ingredient, milk, water, etc. Watch the marks on the side of the measuring cup and it should be at eye level to be accurate if this is necessary. 
If you have larger glass measuring cups you can mix in them and then use them to pour out of.  Sue uses her 1 and 2 quart Pyrex measuring cups for mixing all the time.
 I find that Pyrex makes the measuring cups I like the best, you can use them in the microwave also, not all plastic is microwavable.   Though I have other nested cups I use my Tupperware from my early married years. I am used to them and know how much they hold by weight.


  1. One of my treasures is the Pyrex measuring jug used originally by my mother to measure my baby-formula I believe.
    It measures up to 40 ounces and is marked in 5oz-gradations to 20oz, then marked 30oz and 40oz.
    Later it was used for making "cordial" drinks where sugar was dissolved in boiling water and a fruit extract of some kind added.
    [Valerie, NZ]

    1. How neat, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like that. Time for some research. Thanks and it certainly is a treasure for you to have.

  2. I also love using a digital kitchen scale. From the can, I figured out how many grams of shortening are in a 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, etc. I put the chart on my refrigerator. When I need shortening, I just scoop it onto a plate on the scale. It makes easy clean up, and I save a measuring cup for flour or sugar.

    1. Very efficient, I know I should use my scale more often but just never got in the habit of doing that.


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