Do You Remember?

Sue and our dad -Sue's husband John with his heavy stringers of fish

Remember when…?
When fishing was a Sunday afternoon family recreation?
When your fishing boat had to be rowed?
When you fished with a string tied to a trimmed branch?
When bamboo poles were still the fishing rod of choice?
When Dad bought you your first child size fishing pole?  
…At the hardware store?  From a selection of poles in a wooden barrel?
When guys wore white t-shirts and cuffed jeans?


  1. Once I spent a blissful summer morning rowing a dinghy on a lake while my father fished for trout.
    I was about twelve, and so proud of being able to row my parents; the peace of the lake has left an enduring memory.
    [Valerie, NZ]

    1. Weren't we lucky to have family times like this!

  2. When a fellow friend of my father baited my hook with a piece of tobacco SNOOSE and I watched the sunfish "take the bait". Amazing!!!


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