In the Kitchen... Toaster Oven

I have finally bought a toaster oven, really a oven that toasts is what it is. We have only made toast in it once to try it. I have over the years bought and given away three toaster ovens that I didn’t feel worked well enough to give up any of my limited counter space. Sue has been trying to convince me to buy and use a Breville oven like hers and I finally gave in this year.
 I must say I like it so well, that I bought a kitchen cart to put it on so that it was the right height and didn’t use my counter space. I really like my kitchen stove which is only a year old and bakes very well, but it is costly to turn it on to just bake three potatoes or  frozen pizza. 
 The Breville preheats so quickly that I can preheat and bake that pizza in the time it takes for my regular oven to preheat. I have so far baked pies and cookies in it as well as the potatoes. It is super easy to clean, pull out the crumb tray and wash off spills and the inside wipes out great. I do find that I rotate what I am baking halfway through even with the convection fan on. 
 There are several automatic settings of which I have only used the toast, bake and pizza. I also just tried the slow cooking and it worked just the same as a slow cooker. Saves on another appliance that way.  Sue uses the "warm" setting for warming dinner plates (or you can warm them on top if you are using it already), and the "cookie" setting for perfect cookies, especially a few slice and bake ones for freshly baked cookies in a hurry.
 You can change the time it will stay on and the oven temperature. It also remembers the settings you used for each function. The only con I can think of is that you do have to have space to set it and that can be a drawback in a small kitchen.
 It came with a broiler pan and rack and a pizza pan. Sue gave me a smaller broiler pan and rack she had extra and a small cookie pan. It will however hold an 9 x 13 (without handles) baking pan nicely and I use a 9 inch pie pan in it with room to spare. Before you buy a lot of pans for it I would try what you have. It holds a 13 inch pizza or six slices of toast. The toast setting adjusts for the number of slices you are toasting and the pizza setting has adjustments for the size of the pizza. I would recommend this for anyone but really good for small size families or one person.
 If you have been wondering about spending the amount these cost as I did, I now feel it was well worth it for the savings in time and electricity.


  1. lol..... I have 2. One for the horse trailer that we haven't used yet, because we haven't been hauling the horses because of the accident I had. I fractured my back last Sept. and haven't saddled up since. Hope to try riding this fall.

    the other is for baking polymer clay so I don't have to put use my kitchen oven.

    1. The sounds painful, I do hope you will be able to ride again also. Have you tried either of your ovens for cooking in?

  2. I had given away a toaster oven also BUT this looks interesting.
    It is good to have recommendations.


  3. We were given a toaster oven as a wedding gift (38 years ago this month). And although I didnt know then how to utilize it fully, we wore it out. My mom purchased one a month or so ago because she is now cooking for one. Your review makes it something to consider. You and Sue write such thorough reviews - very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Denise, I am cooking for one now most of the time also and find when there are just 1 to 3 people they really work. Depending on what you want it for I sure would recommend this brand. Glad we could give you some info on what works for us,


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