In the Kitchen...Storage Solutions

The fronts of the drawers are on the right; the photo is from the side  
If I look around my kitchen, I can see that I have a lot of racks and turntables and drawer dividers to help keep things organized. 
Taking a peek inside a couple of my drawers, you can see a nice knife block that I love, and the drawer dividers I actually have all over the house…they expand to fit the drawer.  They expand from 12” to 23” with no tools needed.  The knife block is perfect for my knife set and it’s off my countertops.
On the wall near my sink and near the cooktop, I have a couple of OXO tool bars…the hooks move back and forth, and they were inexpensive and pretty good quality.  I suggested to my husband that we might not put these up when we moved here...he said "I cook too, and we live here".  Enough said!
In my cupboards I have a set of pot racks that can hold my cast iron pans and lids, and in another lower cabinet, keep my paper plates separated.  I also like the very simple rack for boxes of cling wrap, wax paper, parchment and foil.
In my china cupboard I have a rack that slips on the shelf above and gives a little extra room.  I hate moving things to find what I need, and I’ve had most of these helpers for awhile now, moving them as we have moved, and always finding a place for them.
I keep my spices on double turntables between my cooking and baking area.  The left-hand one is deluxe; sturdy and it turns perfectly, but a little expensive, it's from Interdesign.  the right-hand one isn't available anymore.  Beware cheap double turntables, they may buckle under the weight.
In my lower cupboards and upper corner cupboards that aren’t equipped with turntables, I have my own. I also have a couple in my refrigerator…one holding milk and dairy products and another holding my husband’s salad makings like dressing, cheese, olives and the like.  He loves it, and it confines the mess too.  Most of these turntables are from Copco,  they seem to be readily available and sturdy.  The bottom ones are about 23" across.  I have had pull-out racks in the past, but they have to be more permanently installed.  I really don't think you use the stuff in your bottom cupboards especially, if you have to dig for them, and I'm getting too old to be down on my knees if I don't have to be!

If you haven’t invested in some of these, you should think about it, they have lasted for years already in my kitchen.

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