Do You Remember?

Do you remember...Before the holidays....
When you came home from school and your mother had painted the kitchen?
When she went to the “Five and Dime” and bought new shelf paper with a pretty new patterned edge?  Or we used lace-edged paper on our china shelves?
When simply a bright new tablecloth and curtains made that kitchen “new” again?
When your Mom put out her saved best towels and potholders when company came?
When houses cost $25,000; not kitchen remodeling?


  1. A resounding "YES!" to all your questions! I was staring into one of my kitchen cabinets this past week, thinking that I MUST clean them all out (soon) and for some reason, thought of the shelf paper I used to buy (early on in our marriage) to make the sometimes rusty or chipped metal shelves of the cabinets look so much better. Then as time went on, I progressed to covering the shelves with cheerful Contact paper. Now my shelves are a lovely wood that need no covering up!

    Love your "Do You Remember" posts!

    1. About 5 years ago I saw some shelf edging that you put on like contact paper and it looked like you had shelf paper on all of your shelves. Our Mom painted everything! When she decorated the furniture got painted also. Not good furniture of course but the bedroom furniture in our kids room and the kitchen chair, etc. We had a breakfast nook so just one chair.


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