Cookbook Review: “Lard The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother’s Secret Ingredient”

Grit Magazine has a cookbook in it’s online store:  “Lard   The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother’s Secret Ingredient”; I bought a copy hoping it would give me some new ways to use the lard I usually buy.  It included a subscription coupon to the magazine which I used.  It's also on Amazon.
Grit magazine has been published since 1882, and is full of things homesteaders can use, including more on livestock than other magazines of the type. 
I enjoyed the many comments from readers who cook with lard and their experiences included throughout the book.  The chapters include Breads and Biscuits; Vegetables; Main Dishes; Cookies and Brownies; Pies; Cakes and Desserts.
 I have mixed feelings about the book; I LOVE the recipe for homemade noodles; it’s now my regular. The Homemade Lard Noodles recipe is here.  
But most of the other recipes are similar to what I already cook; and I already use lard for much of my cooking and baking.  I probably wouldn’t buy it again for that reason.  But for someone new to cooking with lard and to scratch cooking, for that matter, would enjoy the book, I’m sure.


  1. I don't think my mom every used lard. Pretty sure my granny probably did.

  2. Do you buy lard off the shelf, from the butcher case or refrigerated? It's harder than it used to be to find lard here.

    1. Lard on the shelf is hydrogenated...I don't buy it. I do buy refrigerated, non-hydrogenated lard from one of the Amish stores...I used to be able to buy it from a nearby locker plant, but they quit making it.

  3. Thanks. I didn't know that some was hydrogenated. Mom and I will have to do some searching up here.


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