Spice Cake Gluten Free

I ran across this recipe for a good looking frosting and decided I wanted to try it. Of course you have to have something to put frosting on and as a Celiac I don’t eat cake. There are GF cake mixes on the market but they are very expensive and seldom good. I have been very pleased with the Chain store Aldi’s GF products and my daughter Amy who is also Celiac had tried one of the cake mixes and thought it was good. 
 With that recommendation I went with their yellow cake mix. The box says yellow baking mix but it is a cake mix. The only problem came from the fact that I wanted to make a spice cake as the frosting was Caramel Buttercream. I didn’t find a spice mix so went with the yellow and turned it into a spice cake by using it as the base and using the spice additions from a 1964 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook where they were giving directions on changing a yellow cake to a spice cake though of course their cake was from scratch. 
 The cake turned out quite well so here is what I did and you could do it with any cake mix GF or regular.
 Spice Cake Gluten Free
1 box of GF yellow cake mix
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground cloves
¼ teaspoon allspice
1 tablespoon molasses
Following the mixing directions on your cake mix add the spices to the dry ingredients.
Pour the molasses in the measuring cup before measuring the liquid ingredients for your cake mix. If you don’t have allspice on hand or don’t like it substitute nutmeg or just omit it.

 Bake as directed by the cake mix you are using.


  1. I have also had trouble finding a gluten-free cake mix I enjoy. Bob's Red Mill just does not make the grade, IMO. I will give Aldi's mixes a try.
    Can you please give us the recipe for the caramel buttercream, Myrna? It sounds wonderful!

    1. Recipe is coming in another post. Since I made this I have used a recipe for GF cake from the King Arthur that is excellent. Again just add the spices to the recipe. I agree about the Bobs Red Mill. Try not to use his products unless I have no choice.

  2. I'm happy you found a mix you enjoy. The ingredient list for converting a yellow cake to a spice cake will come in handy. Thank you for sharing your research on that! I'm looking forward to your frosting post. I love all the posts you and Sue share.

    1. Thanks Denise, The frosting is very good.


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