Chocolate Cookbooks

I have had these cookbooks for many years now. I bought them new when they first came out. While I like the Ghirardelli cookbook, I use the Hershey Chocolate Treasury the most. It has recipes ranging from cakes and frostings to Microwave specialties and breads, beverages, candies and many more. Let’s not forget the pie recipes. One of my favorite easy to make cakes is their recipe for Deluxe Ice Cream Cocoa Roll. What could be better, than a chocolate jelly roll filled with ice cream. Drizzle some hot fudge over it and everyone will think you are a great baker. 
 It gives you great instructions, hints, some of the history of chocolate. It was published in 1984 by the Hershey Company who has published many cookbooks over the years. The photos are great and will surely tempt you to try some of the recipes.
 Hershey’s Best Loved Recipes published in 2000 has recipes using not only chocolate but other Hershey products such as Heath Bars and Peanut Butter Chips. It also has clear instructions, and great photos. 
If for no other reason, the hints and tips on using chocolate in all of its forms make these a great buy if you can find them used. Or if you look on the internet they show up on many sites including Amazon. I have seen them in thrift stores and at book sales also. While I could list many more recipes there are just too many that I like and use to even began. If you see one pick it up and look through it. If you like chocolate and even if you don’t bake you will find something to make such as recipes for drinks, and puddings and sauces.
 I find I don’t use the Ghirardelli book as often but my daughter does and likes it.


  1. I have a few chocolate cookbooks. Might even have some of the above.

  2. I enjoy reading cookbooks, using cookbooks, and hearing abput the cookbooks in your collection. Next weekend, our library is hosting a cookbook exchange.


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