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Eggs for scrambled eggs should be at room temperature.  By mixing a tablespoon of milk, cream or water with every egg you can make them more fluffy and tender.  Don’t stir them too often; they will become dry and crumbly.
If you are cooking them in a skillet, choose a shallow one so they will cook evenly and not get tough and dry before they are all cooked.
Here’s a recipe for a small amount of scrambled eggs…multiply for the number of servings.

Scrambled Eggs
If your scrambled eggs are dry and tasteless, try this recipe.  Make sure your skillet is large enough for the amount you want to prepare.
For each egg: 
  1        Large  Egg
  1        Tablespoons Heavy Cream -- or whole milk
  ½       Tablespoon Fat -- Butter, lard, bacon fat
Break eggs into a bowl.  (I like a 2 cup measuring cup.)  Beat with a fork or egg beater, slightly (for a gold and white effect), or well (for a uniform yellow).
Heat fat in a moderately-hot skillet.  Pour in mixture and reduce heat to low.
Cook slowly, turning gently as mixture sets at bottom and side of pan.  Avoid constant stirring.
When cooked through but still moist (3-5 minutes), serve at once.
Adapted from "Betty Crocker Dinner for Two Cookbook 1958"

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