Saturday Thoughts...Grocery Delivery

Grandma ordering her groceries  
 Some of the HyVee chain of grocery stores are now offering a service where you call in your grocery order and they will get it together and then you can drive through and they will load it in your car. A nice perk to save time when you are on your way home and have a meal to get.
A delivery van similar to this  
 Reminded me of when we were growing up and the Fareway store in town delivered groceries to your home (except Sunday). We also had our milk delivered and left on your doorstep. 
 Our Grandma used this service several times a week and once in while so did our Mom. You called in your order at least an hour before the truck left the store.
At Rest  
 Since the store was more of a General Store with groceries and chicken feed, fabric and patterns etc. you could have the chicken feed and other items delivered also. 

 Now that I don’t drive as much I think that would be such a nice option. We do have a Schwans Ice Cream truck that comes around to houses and carries frozen food items as well as ice cream but not as personable as the store delivery was. They even would carry it inside, and if you were not going to be home they would put the cold items in your refrigerator or frozen in the freezer. You just told them when you called in your order. 


  1. I guess they are all doing that now. Hope y'all are well.

    1. HyVee had been doing it before and plans on doing it after things settle down. We are all OK here and hope all of our followers are OK also.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are all okay, and so so thankful you are still blogging! I have used a lot of your recipes the last few weeks with basic ingredients that can still be found in the stores locally. I have a bit of a cheat though, I work at a tiny little grocery store and generally know what items are on short supply and to buy them while we have them if I will need them.

    As for grocery delivery? We don't do deliveries yet, just curbside pickup. You can call ahead, tell someone what you want and how you want to pay, and they will do all of the shopping and load it into your car when you come pick it up. It has been lifesaver the last few weeks!

    1. I agree with Myrna...but we like recipes with basic ingredients all the time!
      It was good to hear from you.

  3. I am glad you found the recipes useful in these trying times. Some of our local stores seem to be stocking with whatever brand they can find but are doing a good job of keeping groceries on the shelves.


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