Saturday Thoughts...Homemade Pan Release

 Sue and I were chatting about Bundt pans at coffee this morning. That reminded me that we had posted a few years ago a recipe for Homemade Pan Release. I still use it though not as often as I don’t do as much baking. I really don’t like spray pan releases and don’t use them and this is so much easier and cheaper than buying them or greasing a pan and then flouring it and making a mess while doing it. 
 You can make a small amount for just one or if you still bake a lot, a larger amount in just a few minutes and it keeps well. I have stored it just fine in the cupboard but if it is warm in your house or you are making a larger amount you might want to store it in the refrigerator. Either way seems to work fine. Do be sure to use vegetable shortening or if using lard (which I haven’t tried) the lard should be at room temperature to start.

 This works so well that I wanted to post it again for our newer readers and for our older readers who might have missed it the first time around.
 I have seen directions where they whip it with a mixer but I find a fork works just fine and is a lot less work and mess.

 Take two parts of shortening to one part of flour, such as one cup of shortening to one half cup of flour. With a fork mix well and store in an air tight container either on a shelf in a cool and dark cupboard or in your refrigerator. If storing in refrigerator it might be easier to work with if your take it out a little early to warm some.
 Using a pastry brush, napkin or paper towel spread in your pan. Ergo, shortening and floured all at once!


  1. I like that I don't have to make very much at a time.

  2. Just a tad different than m y recipe but both do the same thing & have been using this stuff for years.
    I make enough to put in pint jar and I store mine in the fridge. Have had no problem with parts of my cake sticking to the pan.
    Have a great day; stay safe & stay healthy.

    1. so much better than the spray stuff, which I think is so hard to get our of your pans and leaves a sticky mess in them.


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