Small Batch Cooking...Serves One Cookbook Review

Look at before buying
 I hate to give any book a bad review, but the cookbook Serves One is one I wasted money on. Even used it was not worth what I spent on it and not at all what I thought I was buying. Cooking for one is what I wanted as I have many other cookbooks and there are very few recipes that are listed for one serving. 
 The vast majority are for three to four servings and then the recipes are not what I would fix anyway. I haven't figured out why you would include that size recipe in a cookbook for one.
 Maybe if you live in New York or another large city you might like this but many of the ingredients are either not available here in the MidWest or, if they are they, are costly and I hate to buy something I am only going to use once and end up throwing the rest away.  Sue's comment was "Nothing in here I would make...mostly because I couldn't find the ingredients".
 The forward is scanty and there are very few tips on buying or stocking a pantry for one as there is in the others I have looked at and bought. This just all round is, I feel, a waste of time and money. At the very least try to look at a copy before you purchase it.


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