Cookbook Reviews...Single Servings

When I saw this cookbook, "Single Servings subtitled For Those Who Cook For One", a 1979 hardback with a little over 225 recipes, I thought that I could simply double some of them or that the recipe servings would be so large that I could make two servings out of them.  At 25 cents at our local church thrift shop, I couldn’t miss.  Well, most of the recipes really do only serve one or occasionally two, and the recipes work in these small amounts, so I more than got my money’s worth.
I found that this book has small one or two serving recipes for many dishes you might have been looking for in a smaller size that make it useful.  There are many hints in the front, comprising the first part of the book.  Part Two is the recipes.  Just knowing what size pan to use to bake a cut-down recipe makes baking much easier.  The only drawback is there are no photos; but most of the recipes are very well known.
If you find that you’ve been depending on convenience food and take-out instead of cooking for yourself, this book might help you get back on track for making some old favorites again without leftovers.


  1. Sounds like you did get your money's worth.

  2. What a bargain! I wonder if cookbooks are going to become a thing of the past as most of the younger folks I know rely on the internet for many recipes.

  3. I ordered this book and then read the review haha.

  4. I've looked for this on E=Bay and Amazon and none are available. You did great!!

    1. Luckier than you know...I found 4 small-serving size cookbooks that day...I assume someone donated all of them! Of course, I haven't found anything I wanted there in the last few months either! They only have a about four 3-foot sections of cookbooks. I may have to hit some of the fall book sales, if they have them during this covid environment. I really like to see a cookbook before I buy it.


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