Cookbook Reviews...Taste of Home Down Home Cooking for One or Two

Taste of Home Down Home Cooking for One or Two from 2006 was one of my best thrift shop investments.  For fifty cents I purchased this book with over 400 downsized recipes.
There are chapters on downsized kitchen strategies, Table for Two; which covers full menus for two, and the usual…breakfast, salads, sandwiches, soups, beef, poultry, pork, sausage and lamb, side dishes, breads, cookies, brownies and bars and after dinner recipes.
Some of the recipes have little larger portions than we would eat, and some of the breads and desserts aren’t teeny, tiny recipes.  But overall, Myrna and I both found recipes we wanted to make.  As with any small batch cooking cookbook, it’s very useful to see what pans were recommended, and to see old favorites cut down to a reasonable size, without having to experiment on your own.
As with most Taste of Home cookbooks, the other thing we appreciate is recipes that we actually can find the ingredients for, at a reasonable price, locally.


  1. My sister introduced me to "Taste of Home" magazine by giving me her 1996 Collector's Edition. I still have it and use the Layered Banana Pudding recipe found inside. I also still use the "Taste of Home's Best Holiday Recipes 2004" for holiday cooking. I found a great coconut fruitcake recipe in that one that as well as the "Best Ever Banana Bread" that I think is aptly named.

  2. Oh wow, that sounds like a great book, Sue. I'll have to see if I can find myself a copy.

  3. I bought a used one on amazon for 9.00! Perfect condition.

  4. going to buy this for my mom on her birthday.

    1. She'll like it if she likes to cook. I've given away a lot of my cookbooks, but not this one!


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