Saturday Thoughts...Michelle's Canned Hamburger

 Michelle has still been busy canning to fill her new pantry shelves.  Finding enough jars and lids is a problem right now, as many of you know. Here’s her latest endeavor:

Michelle says:  “I canned 7 quarts of hamburger with onions & peppers; my liquid was tomato juice from two years ago. It should be good for chili, pasta sauce, or goulash. I have another 10 pounds of ground beef to do something with very soon. I purchased beef broth for that batch. I don’t have too many more pint jars, I’m canning some chili in those today for me to take for my lunches this winter.”

For our recipe for canning hamburger go to our link, which includes recipes for using your canned or frozen hamburger mix as well.  Canned Hamburger Mix


  1. I should can some hamburger again. I used the canning book recipe with tomato versatile. Even good just heated up and poured over noodles.


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