Cookbook Review... Betty Crocker's Cooking for One

Post it Notes on some of the recipes I use the most

 Sue gave me her copy of Betty Crocker’s Cooking for One recently. It has some simple good recipes in it, in particular the apple crisp for one which I make often now and is just the right size for one person. The older cookbooks have a much better serving size in their recipes. No one needs such large servings as is the norm now.
 Not only are the recipes good but it has some good information on getting your kitchen in order, Stocking the shelves, shopping (which I find difficult for one) and storing your purchases when you get home. 
 Some of the recipes are not really recipes as such but directions on how to divide mixes such as scalloped potatoes. There is a section for making one main dish and then recipes to use the left overs in two or three different ways. No waste that way.
 I really use this book the most of the cooking for one cookbooks I have and I have found them on used book sites, thrift stores, and Amazon.

 If you can find one at your local thrift shop or book sale be sure to grab it if you are now cooking for just one of you. 


  1. I do the same thing with my cookbooks that I use the most. I hate dog ear pages in books.

    1. My Grandmother and Mom would never let us dog ear pages in books or magazines so I use a post it note or a list of recipes and page numbers in the book. Easy to refer to.

  2. I'm not cooking for one, but I sure enjoy the information you share.


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