Saturday Thoughts...Children's Firsts

At the door of preschool on the first day!

 My Great-granddaughter started Preschool last week. This has been for her Mom, just as it is for all Mothers, happy and sad.  Sad to see them start on the first stage of growing into adults and happy to see them be so eager to start learning. As she is an only child she needs to be around children more. 

Each child has their own mat to "social distance"

She plays well but mostly with older children and of course is not used to having to sit still. As a young teacher friend of mine says “We have to teach them not to pick their noses”. 

 The other first for her was her own library card which she got in March just before the library closed and she really misses going. We have an excellent Children's Librarian and that was one of her favorite places to go. 

So far so good, she won’t be four till February so there is always next year but the journey has started.


  1. Sweet. My only niece is an only child. My sister makes a point to make sure she is around children her age.

    1. Her Mom does try but not always a lot of her age group around.

  2. Sue and Myrna, just discovered your wonderful blog, thank you. I cook for a domestic violence shelter, our residents love "home cooked food like my mom/grandma made. Fresh baked bread and treats are always a hit, so I'm looking forward to utilizing some of the recipes I found here. Thank you!

    Sarah in Kansas

    1. We're delighted you may find recipes you can use. When I worked as a dietitian I worked with several nursing homes...their residents liked these recipes too.


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