Saturday Thoughts...Michelle freezes her own cauliflower rice


Clockwise, bottom right:  Cauliflower in 1" pieces, medium shredding blade, "rice", nice head of cauliflower    

My daughter-in-law Michelle is looking for ways to stock up her pantry and freezer as economically as possible.  One thing she buys is cauliflower rice, an ingredient that has become very popular recently. 

 She tried freezing it herself with some success; right now the cauliflower in our supermarkets is very nice and as it’s in season it’s cheap too.  She shared what she has learned.

Michelle says:  “I use the cauliflower rice because my doctor recommended I don’t eat grain.  I use it as a substitute for white rice. I mostly use it for stir fry recipes and I sauté it in a little olive oil. You don’t salt it until it’s ready to serve or you end up with a soggy mess. I think it’s better if it’s thawed and drain any moisture if necessary.” 

Top: Ready for the freezer, stockpot of boiling water, cauliflower in ice water bath    

“Here are the pictures that I took of the cauliflower when I took care of it to freeze. I used the food processor to “rice” it. I blanched it a little at a time then dunked it in an ice water bath in my mesh colander. I squeezed most of the water out using a clean tea towel then bagged it in quart sized freezer bags. Two large cauliflower yielded 7 quart bags, each bag serves two.”

“I paid less than $3 total for two large heads. Frozen at Costco for about the same quantity or less (per online) is $12.49.”


  1. I enjoy cauliflower "rice". Thanks for the information. That's a pretty significant savings.


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