Cookbook Review...Gluten Free Made Simple

  This cookbook is one I found in our HyVee store it is also available on line. Gluten Free Made Simple cookbook was with the Gluten Free items and after looking at it, I decided I just had to have it. Now, I have other GF cookbooks, but this is by far the best GF cookbook I have found. I really strongly recommend it to everyday cooks. It has sensible recipes, that any one person or family can use. Nothing in the recipes is difficult to find and all of them are available in a standard grocery store. Another large plus in my mind.I have now bought and given away two of this cookbook. One to my daughter recently told she has Celiac (for which she blames me) and had to borrow it back from her for this post. She wants it back so will need to finish up or copy the recipes I want to use.
  It is “Real Food, for Real People, Real Easy” and lives up to this promise. The recipes are easy to follow, the author gives brand names and if you want recipes that anyone in your family will eat and not know that they are eating a special diet this is the book to use. The credentials of the writer are great and I just think everyone out there who has to cook with this type of diet in mind will be thrilled with this book.  Do hope you will try some of these recipes and look for the cookbook for yourself.

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