Small Batch Cooking...Frikadeller, also called Bulleten, Bratklops, Fleischpfanzerl

Here’s a recipe my husband loves…I make all of the recipe; shape it into 6 patties and freeze them in 2 patty packages with double waxed paper between the patties.  Then, when I cook them, I cook them from frozen without thawing; about 3-4 minutes on each side.  They are nice and brown and not dry or overcooked on the inside.  That's a fast lunch!
Frikadeller are also Danish and I expect it depends on where you live in Germany as to the choice of names that you call this recipe.
The seasonings in this are traditionally German; if you don’t like them, leave them out; they are still good!  
The original recipe is from The Kitchen; a website that feature German recipes, I adapted it for a smaller amount.  Myrna and I were raised in a German-speaking community in Minnesota; my husband and I lived in Germany for 5 years; I look through this website and get their newsletters so I can make some traditional recipes I remember enjoying. 
The frikadeller in the frying pan are made with onions and beer; the ones on the plate were simply fried from frozen and served with wild rice and vegetables.  
also called Bulleten, Bratklops, Fleischpfanzerl  
  1              slice  stale bread
  2-3          tablespoons milk
     1/2       pound  ground beef
     1/2       pound  ground pork -- or ground turkey
  1             egg
     1/2       onion minced
     1/2       tablespoon  mustard ( your choice)
  1              tablespoon  chopped parsley
     1/8       teaspoon  nutmeg
     1/2       teaspoon  caraway seeds or ground caraway
     1/8       cup  chopped parsley
                  Breading (optional)
     1/2       cup  bread crumbs fresh if possible
First you want to soak the bread slices in milk for 30 minutes
then squeeze out excess milk and mush them up. to make your panade into a nice goo.
Add all the ingredients and mix together.  If desired, you can bread them with bread crumbs before frying.  Shape into 4 or 6 patties.
Fry the frikadeller in olive oil and butter, if cooking from frozen, cook 3-4 minutes per side in a covered frying pan.
If desired, cook them with grilled onions and finish with a bottle of beer to make onion sauce.


  1. almost kinda like a fried meatloaf?

    1. Yes...or a meatball mixture. The ground beef mixture like this is more tender. I like frying these from frozen...quick and they are browned without being overcooked.

  2. I'm South African (my first language Afrikaans, is actually a dutch dialect with a hint of German) and we call it frikkadel. Never knew that it's a German thing too. Traditionally we eat it with mashed potatoes & sweet corn.

    1. How very interesting. The area in Iowa where we live is mostly Dutch, quite a few still can speak the language as more immigrated after WW 2. Our father's grandmother immigrated from Holland.
      Thanks for visiting with us.

  3. It's called frikadellen in my area of Wisconsin. YUM!!


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