Baking and Cooking with Sugar...Cookbook Reviews

Looking for cookbooks using sugar, I found plenty with brown sugar, but I like those anniversary cookbooks, like the one from Imperial Sugar that has 125 years of their most requested recipes!
Take a look at these little cookbooks; you can view them online or download them free to keep.

Alice In Brown Sugarland With 60 Wonderful Recipes    
26 pages 1957  (Download)
Includes a chapter on quick tricks using brown sugar and recipes for cakes, frostings, candies, cookies, desserts, barbeque, meats and salads, and pies.

Ready-In-10 Dessert Recipes From Domino Sugar      
12 pages 1988  Full color pictures    (Download)
Trendy desserts from the 1980’s,including chocolate fondue, cassata, zabaglione, glazed bananas and microwaved baked apples, all using brown sugar.

125th Anniversary Cook Book       
64 pages 1968  Full color pictures      (Download)
125 years of recipes from Imperial Sugar, including granulated, brown and powdered sugar.  
Favorite recipes include Golden Westerner Pound Cake that uses powdered sugar,  Wafer Cake that's made with coconut, pecans, crushed vanilla wafers and granulated sugar and baked in a tube pan, and Frontier Pecan Cake made with brown sugar, pecans, coffee, butter and 6 eggs! and is a cross between pound cake and pecan bread.
There are chapters on beverages, cakes, candy, frostings and toppings, desserts, recipes from the pantry, pastries, sauces and sweet breads.

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