Cookbook Review Light and Tasty Annual 2002

 Another annual cookbook published by Taste of Home from another of their magazines. The Light and Tasty annual 2002 os a years worth of Light and Tasty ’s magazines for that year. 
 They make some changes I wouldn’t make, but you can always use the butter or eggs instead of the low fat versions of ingredients. Low fat cottage cheese or cream cheese just doesn’t taste as good and if you limit the size of the serving you don’t need the low fat ingredients.
 Their directions are usually very clear and work well. These are not chef type recipes but recipes that the average home and new cook can make. A good investment especially if you can get it used. 
 I didn’t find a lot of recipes in this book, but since I am cooking for one the recipe has to be one that I can downsize so I don’t have to eat it for a lot of days.
 There are some good recipes for families and dinners for a group. Even for one or two there are recipes that most average cooks will enjoy.
 Again the recipes are grouped by the month it was in the magazine instead of by the normal cookbook sections. It does require more time and reading to find the recipe you want to make this way, but you can usually find that recipe on their web site so you can download it and can refer to it quicker.

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