Small Recipes...Sea Island Salad for 2

Here’s an old-fashioned main dish salad adapted from the Creamettes Encore Cook Book 1972.  I’ve had this book that long…and have prepared many of the dishes over the years.  Notice that all of the ingredients are very available and not too pricey.  The original calls for canned peas.  The Creamettes website has a recipe with this name, but it’s not the same at all!
  A lesson Myrna and I have both learned…if you were going to throw it out, you should try freezing…you haven’t lost anything and you may find that many ingredients freeze very well.  That’s a real budget-saver if you are small batch cooking.  I use a half can of tuna…The other half I try to leave intact and put it in a freezer bag and freeze to use for another day…maybe tuna salad sandwiches.  It freezes beautifully!
The recipe says “how to make a salad everybody likes”; I think that’s true!  They also recommend a menu with this salad, buttered carrots with parsley, hard rolls and fudge pie for dessert!                  
Sea Island Salad for 2
  2             Ounces  Macaroni -- uncooked
  2             ounces  Green Peas -- thawed and drained
     1/2      cup  Celery -- chopped
  3            ounces  Canned Tuna in Water -- drained (2 1/4 oz drn wt)
     1/3     Cup  Onion -- chopped
  2            Tablespoons  Pimiento -- chopped
     1/2     Tablespoon  Olive Oil
     1/2     Tablespoon  Cider Vinegar
  3            tablespoons  Miracle Whip Dressing
  1            Large  Egg, Hard-boiled -- sliced
Prepare macaroni according to package directions for salad use.  Drain over peas to thaw.
Combine macaroni mixture with olive oil and vinegar, celery, tuna, onion and pimiento. Chill overnight.  Before serving, toss gently with salad dressing.
Garnish with egg slices.   
Yields "2 Cups"
Just the right size!  Only 350 calories per serving.
Creamettes Encore Cook Book 1972

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