Cookbook Review...Taste of Home Annual 2009

 Taste of Home cookbooks are perhaps the most widely published. They have many cookbooks as well as several magazines. One thing is that you can buy the Annuals in book form and have the whole year instead of having to save all or some of the magazines. If you have a small house or apartment this becomes a larger issue.
  The Taste of Home Annual 2002 is one that Sue bought at a thrift shop and we have both enjoyed it and made several of the recipes. 
 I am going to say that I don’t buy as many Annual cookbook as I don’t care for the way they group or index the contents. I really don’t want to have to look for a recipe by the month instead of having the sections in a logical order. 
 If you see a recipe you like you can often go online and find it to download to your computer or tablet or phone.

 Keep this Annual of Taste of Home in mind the next time you are browsing at a book sale


  1. I love cookbooks and have a ton of them. And, still look at recipes online all the time too.

    1. I have managed to whittle mine down a bit. Need room for the new ones lol


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