Small Recipes...Bean and Bacon Salad for 2

Here’s a great picnic salad for 2…from one of our favorite cookbooks, “Practical Produce".  Nice fiber, make ahead, tasty!
We like it with Catalina dressing, and have it with something from the grill and you have a meal in minutes with not much fuss.   Today we had our salad with Brats and Homemade Buns.
I save any rinsed and drained leftover beans in meal-size freezer bags and freeze.  I can use them in soups, chili, casseroles or salads.
 Bean and Bacon Salad for 2
    2/3   cup  Cooked Kidney Beans -- or canned, drained and rinsed
  2         tablespoons  Diced Green Bell Pepper
  2         tablespoons  Diced Celery
  1         tablespoon  Onion -- thinly sliced
  3         slices  Bacon
  1         cup  Lettuce -- torn
Combine beans, peppers, celery and onions and chill.  Cut bacon into 1 inch pieces, fry and drain on a paper towel.
Break lettuce into bite size pieces.  Toss together and serve with favorite salad dressing.

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